About PR Stunt Work

A public relations or ‘publicity stunt’ is an event designed to produce a strange, original or sensational story to create media and public interest in order to promote the brand associated with it. A substantial number of PR stunts use field staff in their delivery, and the videos below are great examples.

Although the stunt will undoubtedly attract the attention of nearby people, the intention is to catch the attention of the media, which will then hopefully mean the event becomes talked about with information spread virally amongst friends and on the internet. Achieving this greatly amplifies the effectiveness of the stunt, and ensures that many more people hear about it than were able to experience it firsthand.

PR stunt work is a great example of a guerrilla marketing activity, which is unconventional marketing designed to create a unique, engaging and thought-provoking experience that generates a buzz.

FieldStar membership includes online training where you'll learn about PR stunt work, and as well as being able to search and apply for jobs; members can also search a database of the field marketing agencies and promotional agencies who recruit field staff to carry out PR stunts.

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