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04 May 2012

News: Peugeot brings in Initials Marketing for street-dance campaign

News from Event Magazine.jpgInitials Marketing has been put in charge of Peugeot's latest experiential campaign to raise the profile of its new car the 208, which launches on the 28th of June.

Nick Crossley, Brand Advertising, Partnership and Sponsorship Manager at Peugeot, said: "The new 208 represents a huge step in the evolution of the ‘20’ series. It’s a completely new car that we’ve built from the ground up and pushes the boundaries of original Peugeot designs, making it the most stylish of the supermini class."

The ‘Let Your Body Drive’ campaign will centre around a viral video on YouTube featuring internet sensation Dubstep dancer Marquese Scott dancing to the Rudimental track Feel the Love.

It will be backed up by a national experiential and theatrical roadshow which will visit 7 shopping centres including Bristol’s Cabot Circus, Birmingham’s Bullring and London’s Westfield.

At each destination, the 208 will be brought to life with street dancers performing to the Rudimental track.

Brand Ambassadors will also direct shoppers to the YouTube clip where they will be encouraged to upload their own Bodydrive video, to be in with a chance to win a trip to Ibiza for a week with seven friends.

Chris Wareham, Head of Experience at Initials commented: "The new 208 is the design cue for all vehicles going forward, one that you would associate with a premium car. Previous models like the 205 and 206 hold a lot of emotional connection with owners, so we needed to come up with an experiential concept that connected consumers to the 208 in the same way, but with a tailored approach to the target late-20s audience."

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